Recommendation for Executive Position

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Letter of Recommendation for __(Name)__

It is with full confidence that I recommend __(Full Name)__ for the __(type of position)__ within your organization. I beleive that __(Name)__ possesses the right kind of knowledge and experience that would be required for this position. __(He/She)__ has a full, comprehensive understanding of all the key elements involved in successful __(type of area – example: financial management)__. Some of the previous positions __(he’s/she’s)__ held that relate to experience in this area, include __(list a couple of positions held that are the same or of similar nature)__.

I first met __(Name)__ in __(year)__, when __(he/she)__ __(briefly describe how you met – example: came to work for….as a junior…)__. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of __(watching him-her progress through his-her career, taking it to exceptional levels/ working with him-her in the -type of- department / mentoring his-her professional growth /etc.)__. This is an individual who works hard always and maintains a high standard of professionalism in all that __(he/she)__ does.

__(Name)__ is an excellent communicator and is known for being someone who can get to the root of issues, offering up real solutions. __(He/She)__ has a great reputation for being dependable. It is no secret that __(Name)__ can always be relied upon to do what __(he/she)__ says __(he’ll/she’ll)__ do. __(His/her)__ integrity remains unblemished and __(he/she)__ is highly respected in __(his/her)__ field. There is no doubt in my mind that __(he/she)__ has everything it takes and more, to be a very successful __(type of position)__.

I highly recommend __(Name)__ for this position knowing that __(he’ll/she’ll)__ bring professionalism, knowledge and integrity to the table. __(Name)__ really would be an excellent addition to your __(company/organization)__. In fact, I genuinely believe that any organization would be fortunate to have __(him/her)__ on board and I wish __(him/her)__ every success in __(his/her)__ new endeavors.