Letter of Recommendation for a Professional

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Letter of Recommendation for __(Name)__

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend __(full name)__ as a professional (accountant/lawyer/etc) to your firm. I have worked with __(name)__ for __(# years)__ at __(name organization)__ and have found __(him/her)__ to be exceptionally professional in all that __(he/she)__ does. I have no doubt that __(he/she) will become a tremendous asset to your team.

__(Name)__ has proven __(himself/herself)__ to be a very competent __(occupation type)__ over the years, one who takes __(his/her)__ profession very seriously. One of __(his/her)__ most outstanding qualities is that__(he/she)__ can always be counted on to accurately complete any __(case/project/task)__ given to __(him/her)__, while maintaining a positive attitude about it at all times. __(He/she)__ is thorough to the finest of detail, ensuring that there are no surprises that can arise down the road.

__(He/She)__ works tirelessly, giving 200% to everything that that __(he/she)__ does. Not only is __(he/she)__ very knowledgeable in __(his/her)__ field, __(he/she)__ has proven __(himself/herself)__ to be an excellent communicator and a valued team player. __(Name)__ has always shown __(himself/herself)__ to be a great source of encouragement to __(his/her)__ (colleagues/co-workers)__, selflessly providing coaching to them whenever needed. __(He/She)__ is well liked by both clients and __(co-workers/colleagues)__ alike.

I have always admired __(name’s) __ professional judgment and would trust __(him/her)__ implicitly with any __(case/project/etc.)__ assigned to __(him/her)__. __(He/She)__ is an asset to our overall __(type of profession)__ profession by giving of __(himself/herself)__ to the __(profession type association)__ Association by __(briefly describe what he/she does: Example: teach evening courses/act as board member/etc.)__. __(Name)__ is definitely a credit to __(his/her)__ profession and I am confident that any __(organization/law firm/accounting firm/etc.)___ would be fortunate to have __(him/her)__ join their team.

__(Name)__ has been a real pleasure to work with and __(he/she)__ will be greatly missed by all of us here. I wish __(him/her)__ only best of luck and the greatest of success in all that __(he/she)__ does.