Family Member of Family Business

Business Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Letter of Recommendation for __(Name)__

It is with pleasure that I write this Letter of Recommendation on behalf of my __(son/daughter/nephew/niece/etc.)__, __(Name)__. This __(individual/young man/lady)__ has a vibrant personality with a pleasant demeanor and has a lot to offer any organization. __(He’s/She’s)__ someone who has a wonderful way with people and those who have ever had the opportunity to meet __(him/her)__, hold __(him/her)__ in the highest regard.

__(Name)__ has worked at __(Name of Organization)__, our family business, since __(date)__, taking on a variety of responsibilities throughout the duration. __(He/She)__ is a very conscientious __(individual/ young man/lady)__, who generally exercises good judgment in __(his/her)__ approach to things. Being the hard-worker that __(he/she)__ is, __(Name)__ takes a great deal of pride in __(his/her)__ work. __(He/She)__ has the ability to work well independently, but also is always there to offer assistance whenever needed.

Responsibility, is something that __(Name)__ takes quite seriously and as a result, has developed quite good leadership skills. __(He/She)__ excels at problem-solving and has demonstrated that __(he/she)__ is not a quitter. The attention that __(Name)__ gives to detail, exemplifies that __(he/she)__ is conscientious at whatever task __(he/she)__ takes on. One thing is for certain; __(Name)__ can always be counted on to ensure the job will be well done.

Without hesitation, I would recommend __(him/her)__ to any organization. I believe that __(he/she)__ would, indeed, prove to be a valuable asset to the company that __(he/she)__ chooses to work for.

In all __(his/her)__ endeavors, I wish __(Name)__ the very best.

Yours truly,