Warning - Improper Practice of Protocol

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Improper Practice of Company Protocol

I am writing this letter to you to serve as a written notification to you of your failure to practice the appropriate company protocol on __(date)__.

As a recap of my discussion with you on __(date)__, please be made aware that the proper steps to reporting that you must adhere to as an employee of __(name of company)__ is as follows:

In regards to work related issues or complaints you must:

  1. Immediately report the situation or incident to your direct __(supervisor/manager)__, who in this case is currently __(name)__.
  2. If the incident relates directly to your __(supervisor/manager)__, and you find a serious conflict of interest present, then you must immediately report the incident to __(Human Resources/his or her immediate supervisor/manager)__.

It is unacceptable for you to __(take these things into your own hands/fail to report things of this nature/etc.)__. Let this serve to advise you that your behavior of __(briefly describe what employee did)__ will not be tolerated in the future.

This is to forewarn that any future incidents of the improper practice of company protocol will be reason for __(disciplinary action/termination/etc)__.

Yours truly,


__(Your name)__

X__________________________ Date:_____________________(Employee’s

Name)__ - Signature