Warning - Habitually late - Strong Dismissal Warning

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Reporting to Work Late – Unacceptable Practice

Further to previous verbal discussions __(I/we)__ have had with you in the past, this letter is to serve as written notification to you of the severe consequences that will be paid for continuing to arrive late to work. It is evident that reporting late to work has become a habitual pattern with you. This is unacceptable and must be corrected immediately. The employment hours that you are required to adhere to are:

  1. __(Time AM to Time PM)__.
  2. In addition, arriving back to work on time after breaks must also be strictly adhered to.

Please be forewarned that tardiness from you will no longer be tolerated. Your failure to comply with the above stated employment hours will result in __(immediate dismissal from/termination of your employment with/etc.)__ __(Name of Organization)__.

Consider this your final warning.

Yours truly,


__(Your name)__

X__________________________ Date:___________________

__(Employee’s Name)__ - Signature