Employee Termination - Poor Performance/Behavior

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Employment Termination With reference to our documented discussions with you over the past __(#weeks/months/etc)__, this letter is to serve as official notification of your employment termination. Effective immediately, your position with __(name of organization)__ has been terminated.

You have failed to meet the standards as outlined in __(your Employment Agreement/the Company Employee Handbook/etc.)__. Despite the number of warnings you’ve received about your __(unacceptable/poor)__ __(behavior/performance)__, we have yet to see adequate improvement. As a result of insufficient progress in this area, termination of your employment has now been effected.

Enclosed, you will find all the appropriate documentation concerning your employment termination. Your final pay check represents payment in full for __(#days/weeks/plus $amount vacation pay/etc.)__.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Yours truly,