Inform Employee - In Excess of Allowable Sick Days

Business Letter


RE: Sick Days/Absenteeism

It has come to my attention that the number of days you have taken off for sickness so far this year is in excess of the allowable number allotted for an entire calendar year. Listed below are the dates you have taken off, which represents __(#)__ days so far this year. - list dates absent as a result of sickness

While __(Name of Organization)__ acknowledges that at times employees do get sick and thereby require time off, the maximum number of paid sick days are limited. We offer to our employees a maximum of __(#)__days sick leave per calendar year. Therefore, please be advised that __(#)__ days you were absent in excess of the allowable __(#)__ sick days, will be docked from your pay.

Further, your absenteeism is now being carefully monitored as it is affecting your employability at __(Name of organization)__. Please be reminded that the position of __(type of position)__ in our organization is a full time position. We genuinely hope that all this time you have taken off is an anomaly and not the norm. Regular absenteeism causes problems for us and if this pattern continues, action will have to be taken.

Please accept this as your official notice in this matter.

Yours truly,