Warning - Inappropriate Behavior

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Warning – Inappropriate Behavior

Consider this letter to be your official warning that the behavior you demonstrated on __(date)__ is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. It was inappropriate for you to __(briefly describe what the employee did)__. That was far from professional and is certainly not in compliance with our company policies and procedures.

For future reference, the proper steps to be followed in this type of situation are as detailed below:

  1. __(briefly describe first step)__
  2. __(briefly describe second step)__
  3. __(briefly describe third step)__ Please be aware that any future incidents of this misconduct on your part will be

reason for __(disciplinary action/termination of your employment/dismissal/etc)__.

Yours truly,

_ _(signature)__

__(Your name & Title)__

X__________________________ Date:___________________

__(Employee’s Name)__ - Signature