Tenant’s Notice to Landlord - Terminating Lease

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: __(#)__ day Notice – Termination of __(Rental/Lease)__ Agreement Premises: __(Address)__

Please let this serve as official 30-day written notice from __(name of Company)__, advising that, effective __(date)__, we will not longer be __(Renting/Leasing)__ the above mentioned __(building/unit/bay/suite/etc.)__. We are exercising our right to terminate the __(Lease/Rental Contract/Agreement)__ based on the following condition:

__(List the term/condition)__ - description of condition as worded in the __(Lease/Rental Contract/Agreement)__.

In the event you need to contact us regarding this matter, I ask that you contact me directly at __(phone #)__. Below you will find the forwarding address where we can be reached to satisfy all monies owing. Trusting you will find all to be in order.

Yours truly,

__(your name)__

__(your forwarding address)__