Rent Increase Notification

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Rent Increase – effective __(date)__ Premises – (Address)__

Fortunately, over the last __(# years)__, we have managed to avoid raising the rent at __(location)__, even though expenses have been continuously increasing. We made adjustments wherever possible over the years, to offset those rising costs in order to keep the rent payments stable. Eventually, however, we knew that those costs would have to be passed on to the tenant. We have now reached the stage were the increased expenses have left us with no alternative but to make an adjustment to your rent payments. We will be implementing an annual rent increase of __(%)__ per year, over the next three years, in order to bring us back within budget. It is always difficult to have to inform our tenants when rent increases are necessary but, unfortunately, economics dictate the necessity of this now and then.

Effective __(date)__, please be aware that your monthly rent payments at __(location)__ will increase to __(#amount)__. We ask that you __(complete the attached Pre-authorization Form/provide us with # Post-dated Checks/etc.)__. Please ensure that your __(Form/ Post-dated checks/etc.)__ is/are completed and __(dropped off/forwarded)__ to our office no later than __(date)__. Thank you.

Yours truly,