Landlord’s Warning - Rental Payment Due or Eviction

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: __(Lease/Rental)__ of premises located at: __(Address)__

In accordance with the terms of your __(Lease/Rental)__ Agreement, your monthly __(Lease/Rent)__ payments are payable in advance for each month, being due on or before the last day of the preceding month. Your rent payment for the month of __(month)__, __(year)__ was due no later than __(date)__. As of today’s date, that payment has still not been received. Please be forewarned that if your rent payment is not received by __(date)__, you will immediately receive an eviction notice.

__(I/we/Name of company)__ will no longer tolerate late __(Lease/Rent)__ payments from you. In the future, your failure to comply with timely rent payments will result in an eviction from that premises. It is with regret that __(I/we)__ have had to issue this notice to you, but under the circumstances, you have left __(me/us)__ no alternative. Consider this your final warning.

Yours truly,