Security Deposit Refund Requested - belongings not yet removed

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Security Deposit Refund – __(Name)__ Rental of Premises located at: __(Address)__

__(I am/We are)__ in receipt of your request for refund of your Security Deposit made for rental of the above mentioned premises. Upon inspection of the said premises, it has been noted that your belongings have still not been removed from that __(apartment/unit/house/etc.)__. As a result, the __(apartment/unit/house/etc.)__ has not been in a condition to rent to others.

Please be advised that until you have actually vacated the premises, which includes the removal of your personal belongings, it is legally assumed that you still remain the occupant of those premises. Your Security Deposit will, therefore, be applied to any and all rent due as a result of this occupancy situation. Please be further advised that any required cleaning and/or repair costs will also be applied against your Security Deposit, as will all incurred costs to __(me/us)__for the subsequent removal __(and storage)__of your contents.

__(I/We)__ strongly suggest that you attend to the personal contents that you currently have housed in the above mentioned premises. It is in your best interest to remove them forthwith to avoid further costs to you. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Yours truly,