Announce - Service Fee for Invalid Maintenance Calls

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Service Fee

It has come to our attention that there has been attempted misuse of the building maintenance services that we provide to our tenants. Please be reminded that our building maintenance services extend only to __(briefly describe the extent of these services)__. Many past maintenance calls to our office have been deemed to be invalid as they relate to the scope of building maintenance services offered.

Hence, we are implementing a new service fee. Please accept this as your official notification regarding the new service charge policy that has been placed in effect. As of __(date)__, __(name of organization)__ will now levy a service fee in the amount __($amount)__ to all tenants of __(name of building)__ who render calls to our office requesting services from our building maintenance department that are excluded.

In the event a tenant makes an unwarranted call to our office requesting building maintenance services, and subsequently the dispatched maintenance person reports back to us that __(his/her)__ approved scope of services were not required, that tenant will be charged a service fee of __($amount)__. To help curb future invalid calls that claim valuable time from our building maintenance personnel, this new policy is now in effect.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Yours truly,