Landlord’s Warning - Late Rent Payments

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: __(Lease/Rental)__ Agreement for premises located at:

__(Address)__ Further to previous verbal discussions __(I/we)__ have had with you regarding your habitual late rent payment problem, this letter is to provide you with official written warning, advising you that __(I/we/Name of company)__ will no longer tolerate late monthly __(Lease/Rent)__ payments from you. In accordance with the above mentioned __(Lease/Rental)__ Agreement, your monthly __(Lease/Rent)__ payments are payable in advance for each month, being due on or before the last day of the preceding month. In the future, your failure to comply with this condition will result in termination of the said __(Lease/Rental)__ Agreement. Consider this your final warning.

In addition, any and all arrears owing as of today’s date, must be paid in full by certified funds by __(date)__. Your arrears currently total __($amount)__, which is all inclusive of “late charges” and “returned check” charges. Failure to comply with this demand will result in termination of your __(Lease/Rental)__ Agreement. Please be made aware that __(I/we/Name of company)__ will not hesitate to take any legal action required to secure monies owed. __(I/We)__ regret having to issue this notice to you, but under the circumstances you have left __(me/us)__ no choice.

Yours truly,