Request - Don’t change our Account Rep

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Account - __(Name of our Organization)__ Recently, I was made aware that the __(Account Manager/Account Executive/etc.)__, who currently handles our above mentioned account, is going to be replaced due to __(briefly describe reason)__. Though this may be your company policy, I am not pleased about this news and request that this change not take place.

I have been dealing with __(Name)__ for __(length of time)__ now, and can’t tell you how refreshing it is to deal with an individual like __(him/her)__. __(He/She)__ is someone who always takes the time to ensure that our company’s __(type of)__ needs are accurately and timely met. __(Name)__ is thorough and efficient, and does whatever is required to expedite the process for us. I thoroughly enjoy working with __(her/him)__and the rapport we have built together is something I do not wish to disturb.

Therefore, I ask you to kindly consider overriding your company policy in this matter by allowing us to continue to have __(Name)__ take care of our account. __(He/She)__ is an excellent representative of __(Name of organization)__, knows how to look after our account well and has always been real pleasure to deal with. I would be more than disappointed to have a new __(Account Manager/Account Executive/etc.)__ forced upon us.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. I look forward to a positive outcome and hope to hear from you soon.