Poor Service - No Longer Acceptable

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Type of Services)__ Contracted

I am writing this to inform you that __(I/We/Name of Organization)__ will no longer accept the poor __(type of)__ service we have recently been receiving from __(Name of Company)__. On __(date)__, __(I/We)__ signed __(an Agreement/a Contract)__ for __(type of service(s)__ with __(Name of Company)__. This __(Agreement/ Contract)__ specifically outlined the services we could expect from your company, yet __(I/we)__ have found that your obligations to __(us/me)__are not being adequately fulfilled.

Outlined below are the areas where the services you provide are falling short of expectations.

  1. __(briefly describe area of poor service)__

Please be aware that this poor service will be __(tolerated/accepted)__ no longer. If __(I/we)__ do not see an immediate and significant improvement of __(type of service)__ in all of those areas listed above, __(I/we)__ will terminate our __(Agreement/Contract)__ for “breach of contract.”

__(I/We)__ genuinely hope that the situation can be quickly rectified without resulting in termination of the contract and look forward to hearing from you soon in this regard.

Yours truly,