Complaint - Lack of Service after Sale of Product

Business Letter

Dear …

On behalf of __(Name of Company)__, I wish to inform you of a situation that we have been trying to get resolved for __(# days/weeks/months)__ now, to no avail. On __(date)__, __(Name of Company)__ purchased __(type of product)__ from __(name of their Organization)__, which was then subsequently installed on __(date)__. Not only have we been very disappointed with the product itself for reasons outlined below, we’ve also been extremely frustrated with the complete lack of service we have encountered from your company.

After the installation of the __(type of product)__ was completed, it was noticed that the __(briefly describe the problem)__. We immediately contacted your __(company/office/service department/etc.)__ by telephone to discuss this problem. To our surprise, it appears that nobody within your company is willing respond to this matter.

After repeated calls to your __(company/office/service department/etc.)__ since __(date)__, having left __(# /several)__ messages, there has yet to be a response from anyone from your organization. For obvious reasons, this is very disturbing to us. We cannot believe that your company would __(be willing to sell such a high ticketed item and then behave completely indifferent to offering service to that customer/not be willing to stand behind its products/etc.)__.

We trust that you will look into this matter as quickly as possible and are looking forward having the situation rectified without further delay.

Yours truly,