Employee’s Conflict of Interest & Illegal Activity

Business Letter

Dear …

I wish to inform you of a very disturbing situation within __(your department/ Name of organization/etc.)__, that involves one of your __(type of employees)__. Not only is there a conflict of interest concerning this employee, recently __(he/she)__ was engaged in an activity that was both disgusting and illegal. As a __(customer/caregiver to … /concerned citizen/etc.)__, I was outraged by the reprehensible behavior of this individual.

Let me start by revealing that __(Employee Name’s)__ position with __(Name of Organization)__ became a serious conflict of interest since the day __(he/she)__ independently opened __(his/her)__ __(type of establishment)__. This conflict of interest, of course, lies with the fact that __(briefly describe what goes on that causes the conflict)__. __(Employee Name’s)__ self-serving goal is to __(briefly describe his/her goal with own establishment)__, which has become immensely unfair to all the other independent __(type of establishments)__ in the __(city/county/etc.)__.

Outlined below is a recap of the recent course of events with this individual:

  1. On __(date)__, in __(his/her)__ attempt to __(briefly describe employee’s self-serving goal)__, __(Employee Name)__ __(briefly describe the action he/she took that involved you)__.
  2. In addition to this ghastly and illegal action, __(Employee Name)__ actually had the audacity to defame my character in order to justify __(his/her)__ immoral deed. __(He/She)__ was heard by __(many people/etc.)__uttering false accusations against me that included __(list some of the falsehoods uttered against you)__.
  3. Later, the __(Name of Department/Organization)__ partially rectified this situation by __(briefly describe what was done)__, for which I am grateful. This did not, however, reverse the harm created by __(Employee Name’s)__ deliberate defamation of my character, nor has the ‘conflict of interest’ been dealt with, which is the root to all of this.

The whole situation surrounding __(Employee Name)__is extremely unhealthy for all concerned. After being victimized by __(him/her)__ like this, I have now reached the point where I will no longer tolerate it and, therefore, expect to see corrective measures taken by your department. None of us wish to see this whole mess unnecessarily publicly exposed, however, please be aware that I am prepared to take legal action against __(Name of Organization)__ and __(Employee Name)__ if corrective measures are not taken very soon.

I trust you will check into this matter and quickly bring it to a copasetic end. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours,