Poor Quality Product/Service is having Adverse

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Poor __(type of product/service)__

I would like to bring your attention to the adverse effect that the poor quality of __(type of product/service)__, currently provided by __(Name of organization)__, is having on our company. It has resulted in a loss of production for us, which subsequently has spawned negative financial consequences. We have been plagued by this poor __(type of product/service)__ situation for __(length of time)__ now and cannot allow it to continue any longer.

Over the course of __(length of time)__, I have on numerous occasions, verbalized this dire situation to representatives of __(Name of Organization)__. After repeated calls to your office, requesting that this matter be rectified, I have yet to receive any kind of response or indication that it is even being looked into. For obvious reasons, this is very disturbing to me. None of us wish to see this issue exposed publicly, however, I am willing to take whatever legal action is necessary if corrective measures are not taken very soon. I trust you will check into this matter with due diligence to bring about a quick resolution. Thank you for your immediate attention to this situation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,