Complaint - Printing Error

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Reference Name – Account #)__

Please allow me to bring to your attention, an erroneous situation that has been compounded with an additional error.

On __(date)__, __(Name of Company)__ __(opened a new –type of– account/ordered a supply of/etc.)__ __(with/from Name of Organization)__. All the correct information was provided to your organization as you will see by the enclosed copy of the signed __(application/form/proof/etc.)__. To our dismay, when the newly printed __(type of printed material)__ were received, we noticed that there was an error with the __(the spelling of /address/etc.)__. Enclosed, you will find a copy of the __(type of printed material)__. Please note that the __(name/address/etc)__ should read __(outline how it should read/be spelled)__ and not as __(list how it reads on the printed material)__. In addition to this printing error, we’ve now been charged __($amount)__ for this printing order. I refer you to __(our conversation of/your quote of /your promotion/etc.)__ of __(date)__wherein __(you/it)__ clearly __(states/stated)__ that the cost of this __(type of)__ order would be __($amount/NIL)__. Therefore, please have this charge be reversed immediately. It is not our intent to pay for printed material that __(has errors on it/I was clearly not required to pay for in the first place/etc.)__. Please also kindly have this __(type of)__order quickly reprinted, representing the correct information.

Thank you for your timely response to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,