Change in Vehicle Use - Insurance Coverage

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Auto Insurance Policy # __(Policy #)__ Name – (Policy Holder Name)__

Please be advised that there is a change to the use the following vehicle currently insured on the referenced insurance policy above.

Vehicle: __(year/make/model)__

Serial Number: __(Serial #)__

Driver: __(no change/ or brief description of new driver: age/# yrs lic’d/driving record/claims history)

Effective __(date)__, this vehicle will no longer be used for __(brief description of previous us)__ but will be used for __(Brief description of type of use and area it will be driven in)__. Please ensure that all insurance coverage reflects this change.

In addition, I ask that you provide me with a written quotation for the current insurance coverage __(we/I)__ carry, __(plus the added coverage of: example permission to carry

passengers/etc.)__, based on the revised use of this vehicle. Please ensure the cost breakdown includes not only the annual cost but also the pro-rated cost until end of this policy term. Thank you.

Please __(email/fax)__ this information to me at __(email address/fax number)__. I thank you in advance for you quick response to this request and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,