Thanks from Guest - Expenses-paid Invitation

Business Letter


On behalf of __(Name of Organization)__, please allow me to extend our deepest gratitude for your invitation to the __(Name of Event)__, and for making it possible for all of us to attend by offering expenses paid. __(Names of persons invited)__, and I were absolutely thrilled to be your guests of honor. And we can’t tell you how special it was for us to be there for the presentation of __(briefly explain special presentation that was conducted)__.

What a marvelous trip this was for us. __(Name of Organization)__ exhibited a great deal of class with organizing and executing this event. From our perspective, the manner in which these invitations were presented to us, right to the actual ceremonial tribute, was exceedingly impressive. It will be an event we never forget.

We all appreciated traveling by air to __(Name of City)__, and the accommodations you had arranged for us were wonderful. Even more important, was the terrific hospitality we received from you and your staff for the duration. Thank you again, __(Name)__, for your grandeur efforts in carrying out this memorable tribute to __(Name of person)__. We so greatly appreciated our special invitation as your guests of honor.