Appeal Denied Claim - Shipping Damages

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Claim # __(#)__ - Date of Loss __(date)__

I am writing to you concerning a claim dispute over reimbursement for damages caused to a product during shipment. Please allow me to recap the course of events thus far.

  1. This product was shipped via __(name of freight company)__ to our customer, __(name of customer)__, in __(name of city & state)__, who received the package on __(date)__.
  2. __(our customer name)__ signed for receipt of the package, as was the requirement by __(freight company name’s)__ delivery person.
  3. Upon later removing the packaging on the product, __(our customer name)__ discovered that it was damaged and reported it to us immediately. We have since replaced the item for them.
  4. When __(our company name)__ examined the __(name of product)__, we identified that it had been damaged during shipping. We contacted __(name of freight company)__ on __(date)__ to report the damages, claiming indemnity of __($__)__. This represents __($__)__ for the damaged product plus __($__)__ reimbursement of shipping costs.
  5. This claim was quickly denied on the basis that receipt of this package was signed for, free of damages.

I am appealing this decision because it is not reasonable to expect a customer to sign for “receipt” of a package from a freight carrier and then in turn, use that signature to deny a claim for any damages to the product caused during shipping. The damage to this product is located __(describe where product is damaged)__, which could not be detected until all the packaging was removed. Your delivery people do not request that recipients unwrap the package to check for damage, before signing for receipt of it. Therefore, I am asking for reversal of this claim denial.

I am hoping that this does not have to go to arbitration and request that you reopen this claim for further investigation. Again, we invite you to send out one of your representatives view the damage on this product to determine its origin. Please feel free to contact me at __(phone number)__ to discuss this matter further. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,