Approval from Sr. Mgmt for Purchase of Laptop

Business Letter

Dear …

I was recently reviewing the overall effectiveness of our __(name of division/business unit/branch)__ as I am always looking for ways for improvement. That’s when I came across an area that I believe can be quite easily improved, allowing for significantly more sales time for our sales __(representative(s)/executive(s)/staff/force/etc.)__. Please let me explain. Our sales __(representative(s)/executive(s)/etc.)__ travel(s) extensively throughout __(his/her territory/their respective territories)__ in __(his/her/their)__ capacity of __(a sale executive/sales executives/etc.)__ for our company. I realized that while __(he/she is/they are)__ traveling on business, __(he/she does/they do)__ not have access to a computer and therefore __(has/have)__ no means to __(briefly explain what he/she/they can’t do – i.e. process __type of___ reports or to create sales presentations for other prospective sales)__. __(He/She is/They are)__ forced to wait until __(he/she returns/they return)__ to the office in order to complete these tasks, thereby cutting into __(his/her/their)__ time that could be more valuable if directed to actual sales calls and prospecting. I’ve discovered that this adds up to considerable downtime for sales.

Therefore, in keeping with the overall growth projections of __(name of organization/business unit/branch)__, I am proposing that we purchase __(a laptop/laptops)__ for __(this sales executive/all our sales executives/etc.)__. In addition to diminishing the sales downtime that is currently set aside for completion of administrative functions, __(this/these)__ laptop(s) will also provide the sales executive(s) with the ability to offer more professional and powerful presentations to potential clients through Power Point presentations at the client’s office.

Providing our sales __(representative(s)/executive(s)/staff/force/etc.)__ with the means to spend more time selling, while at the same time providing __(him/her/them)__ with __(a)__more powerful sales tool(s), will ultimately result in increased revenue and quickly offset the cost of the laptop(s). I have taken the liberty to source out the cost of __(a laptop,# laptops)__, which will total __($amount)__. Please refer to the __(cost comparisons/quotations received/etc.)__ attached.

Thank you for your time to review and consider this proposal. I look forward to hearing from you soon with your comments and remain hopeful of your approval to proceed with this purchase.

Yours truly,