Recommend Bonus for Good Employee(s)

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Performance Bonus Recommendation

I am writing on behalf of __(_Name_, one of the employees/some of the employees)__, that I supervise in the __(name of area/department/etc.)__. Over the past year, I have found __(Name’s/these employees’)__ work to be exemplary. __(He/She/Each one of them/etc.)__ has proven to be a loyal employee with a great attitude and good work ethics. Therefore, I recommend that __(he/she/they each)__ be considered for a well-deserved performance bonus for this past year.

I realize that our __(division/branch/etc.)__ did not __(meet the budget/enjoy a profit/etc.)__ this fiscal year. To that end, however, all signs point strongly towards the negative market conditions we experienced and in all fairness, should not be considered a reflection of poor performances by employees. Why, we even saw __(competitors/branches/etc.)__ close down as result of this negative change in the marketplace.

The individual(s) I’ve mentioned earlier, contributed to our __(team/organization/department/branch/etc)__ in ways that stand head and shoulders above __(his/her/their)__ colleagues. I genuinely believe that __(he/she/they)__ should be rewarded for that. Good employees are hard to come by, and I believe that rewarding them for their exceptional performance, encourages them to continue down that path. I want to thank you for your consideration of this request and will remain hopeful of your decision.