Customizing the system

Business Letter

Dear …

As you know, __(our company has/we have/etc.)__ been __(using/looking at implementing/looking at alternatives to/etc.)__ the __(name of product/application)__, from __(Name of Organization)__, for __(length of time)__. Up until now, we have been working with __(this/the)__ __(name of current product/system)__, even though it does not fulfill all of our needs. We’ve just worked around the limitations.

I’ve now completed my research on alternatives available to us in this area. Recently, on my trip to __(location)__, I had the privilege of sitting in on a __(type of)__ presentation. I was as equally surprised as I was impressed, to see how __(name of Organization’s)__ __(type of product/application)__ can be uniquely customized to meet the individual needs of each company that uses their __(product/system)__.

To give you some examples, __(Name/ or type of Company)__ had their __(name of product/application)__ from __(Name of Organization that provides product/system)__ customized to __(list a couple of things that customization allowed it to do)__. Another company had their __(system/application/etc.)__ customized to do __(briefly describe what they could do with it)__. Not only did these customized features to the __(system/application)__ prove to be very beneficial to the respective companies, they were also very user friendly.

This had me thinking of a number of possibilities available to __(Name of our Company)__, given the ability to customize our __(type of product/application)__ to our needs. The first few things that came to mind include:

  1. __(briefly describe type of customization & how it would benefit your company)__
  2. __(briefly describe type of customization & how it would benefit your company)__
  3. __(briefly describe type of customization & how it would benefit your company)__
      In view of my findings, I highly recommend that we initiate contact with __(Name of Organization)__ to discuss the adaptation of their __(name of product/system)__ to suit our needs, along with the costs associated with this customization and the intricacies of implementing it into our organization. For your perusal, I have attached __(briefly describe the information/documentation you have attached to support your findings.)__. I trust you will find all to be in order and look forward to your response.

      Yours truly,