Announce Changes – Access Keys

Business Letter

Dear …

I am sending out this notification to inform you that the method of access to __(name of place)__ will be changed. Effective __(date/immediately)__, __(number)__ __(vehicles/stations/etc.)__ will be equipped with a __(type of)__ key to access the __(location)__. Listed below are the __(vehicles/stations/etc.)__ that will be equipped with this key:

  1. __(list vehicle/station/etc)__
  2. __(list vehicle/station/etc)__
  3. __(list vehicle/station/etc)__
  4. __(list vehicle/station/etc)__
  5. __(list vehicle/station/etc)__
  6. __(list vehicle/station/etc)__

It is the responsibility of each __(staff member/etc)__ to ensure that the key is returned to its appropriate __(vehicle/station/etc.)__ after usage—no exceptions. If a key ends up missing from its designated __(vehicle/station/etc.)__, please be made aware that it will be deactivated and no replacement key will be issued.

I trust that everyone understands the importance of handling these keys from now on and I thank you for your cooperation.

Yours truly,