Invitation/Notification to Attend Event

Business Letter


RE: __(Name of Event)__ - __(Date)__

__(Each year our organization holds/We’ve recently been in discussions about holding/etc.)__ a __(type of event i.e. Conference/Retreat)__ for our __(managers/employees/customers/etc.)__. It has been decided that we will hold a __(type of event)__ this year on __(date)__. This will be a __(length of time – i.e. four-day/four-hour)__ function beginning __(date/time)__ and ending __(date/time)__.

All __(managers/employees/etc.)__ of __(Name of Organization)__ are __(required/invited/encouraged/etc.)__ to attend this __(name of event)__. We request that each of you respond to this notification as quickly as possible, confirming that you’ve made the necessary arrangements in your schedules to accommodate the above mentioned date(s). There will be a lot to offer you in way of __(entertainment, educational forums and workshops/etc.)__. It starts with a __(continental breakfast/educational workshop/etc.)__ and ends with __(type of activity)__ with a full __(day/weekend/week)__ in between.

Scheduled of Events

  1. Date: (time to time) - __(type of activity)__
  2. Date: (time to time) - __(type of activity)__
  3. Date: (time to time) - __(type of activity)__
  4. Date: (time to time) - __(type of activity)__

Please respond no later than __(date)__ by contacting __(Name)__ at __(phone #/email address)__ to confirm your __(registration/attendance)__ to this __(type of event)__. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you all there.