Invitation to New Employees – Orientation

Business Letter

To New Employees;

RE: __(Type of)__ __(Overview/Seminar/Orientation)__

Please accept this invitation to attend a __(type of)__ __(overview/seminar/etc.)__ on __(date)__. This is an informative __(overview/seminar/etc.)__, where the __(type of – i.e. compensation)__ structure of our organization will be clearly outlined. It is important to know how it relates to you as an employee and all questions from employees on this issue will be answered in the question period following the __(overview/seminar/etc.)__.

Please mark your calendars so that you don’t forget to attend this __(overview/seminar/etc.)__ on:

  1. Date:
  2. Time:
  3. Location:

We encourage all __(new)__ employees to make a special effort to attend this important and informative __(overview/seminar/etc.)__.

Yours truly,