Payroll Procedure Change - Direct Deposit

Business Letter

To All Employees:

RE: Direct Deposit of Payroll Checks

Please be advised that effective __(date)__, __(Name of Organization)__ will no longer be issuing payroll checks. Instead, your pay will be directly deposited into your bank account. Employees will receive a printout each pay period outlining all the details of their pay including hours worked, deductions, etc. The direct deposits will be made into your specified bank account by __(time)__ on payday.

In accordance with this new payroll disbursement procedure, every employee is required to provide the Human Resources department with __(a VOID sample of a personal check to/the details of/etc.)__ the bank account you wish to use for your direct payroll deposits. Please ensure this is __(personally)__ delivered this to __(Name)__ in Human Resources no later than __(date)__ to avoid any delays with your pay.

The implementation of Direct Payroll Deposits will greatly benefit all the employees of __(Name of Organization)__ and we thank you for your cooperation in helping to make this a smooth transition.