Announce Department Changes - New Position

Business Letter

To All Staff:

RE: Changes in the __(Name of)__ Department

As some of you may know, there have been changes made to our __(type of department)__ recently. Due to the growth we’ve seen in that department, we’ve had to increase the number of personnel to handle all the responsibilities. Effective __(date)__, the duties of __(name of original position)__ were revised and a new position entitled, __(Name of new position)__, was created in the department.

The responsibilities of each position are now as follows:

  • __(Name of original position)__ - realigned responsibilities of this position now include: __(briefly list responsibilities)__.
  • __(Name of new position)__ - responsibilities in this new position include: __(briefly list responsibilities)__. We are pleased to announce that __(Name of original employee)__ has moved into this new position and we have full confidence in __(his/her)__ abilities to do the job well.

We are also pleased to announce that a new individual has now been hired for the __(name of original position)__ position. __(Name)__ comes to us from __(name of company), where __(he/she)__ held a __(type of position)__ position, responsible for __(briefly highlight role)__ . We look forward to the value __(his/her)__ experience will add to our __(organization or division name)__.

Please join us in welcoming __(Name)__ to __(Organization’s name)__ and in wishing __(him/her)__ every success with our company.

Yours truly,