Thanks for meeting/conversation - Info Enclosed

Business Letter


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to __(speak/meet)__ with __(us/me)__ on __(date)__. __(We were/I was)__ delighted to have been given the opportunity to introduce our __(type of products/services)__ to you. After reviewing our discussion and the points you brought to __(our/my)__ attention, __(we are/I am)__ more confident than ever that we can offer sound and cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

As promised, please find enclosed information on our __(products/programs/services/etc.)__. __(We/I)__ also encourage you to visit our website at: www.nameofwebsiteaddress) __ to get a good feel for what we offer. One of our areas of expertise lies in the __(type of area)__, which appears would be a perfect match for your __(type of requirement)__ that you mentioned in our __(telephone conversation/meeting)__.

__(We or I)__ would appreciate an opportunity to do business with you, __(first name)__, and __(are/am)__ looking forward to __(meeting with you/our next meeting/etc.)__. I will be in touch with you soon to set up an appointment.


__(Name, title)__

__(Company Name)__

__(Contact info – ph #/email/address)__