Follow-up on Information Sent

Business Letter

Dear ...

Last __(week/month/etc)__, I sent you some information on __(briefly explain what you sent)__. I hope you have now had a chance to look it over.

__Name of Organization)__ has been providing __(type products/programs/services)__ for the past __(#)__ of years. Long term clients, such as __(list a couple of well known companies you do business with)__, are great testimonies to the kind of __(products/programs/services)__ we offer. It is our belief that until our clients’ needs are 100% met, our job is not done. __(Name of organization)__ has built a solid reputation on that type of business philosophy.

We are very interested in talking with you about the kind of __(type)__ solutions we can offer to you. I will be in contact with you soon to arrange a time of convenience to have a discussion in this regard.