Give in to Love

Love Letter

Dear ...

My feelings for you keep growing inside. Whenever I think of you, I feel a sense of happiness that I have never felt before. At first I found myself confused by my feelings for you and fears were beginning to arise. But this incredible happiness that you have given to me seems to be pushing aside my fears. Is this true love that I feel?

I’ve asked myself, should I welcome such a feeling or try to step back from it...back into my area of comfort? There seems to be no real answers to this question. It is just so powerful and so beautiful, I find myself lured to it, wanting to feel like this forever. So I give in, I give to you my heart and allow myself to become another victim under the spell of this wonderful thing called love.

I don’t know what our tomorrows will bring. All I know is that I have fallen deeply in love with you and will hold you in my heart forever.

Loving you always,