Even death cannot conquer hearts to new love

Love Letter

My dearest...

Sitting here thinking, my thoughts turn to you, as always. I can`t help but think of how you have changed my life. How my whole world is different.

Looking back to a time, before you came into my life, I remember the days just seemed to drag on and on. Trapped in a world of memories, I would secretly pray that his death was only a dream...one that I would soon wake from. But the dream turned into harsh reality and soon I found myself drowning in an ocean of my own tears...wondering if I would ever laugh again...if I would ever live again.

Then I met you...as though sent by an angel, you came to my side. Together we had the courage to open our hearts, letting our souls reach out to each other, sharing completely. We allowed our hearts to cry together...we shared the anguish of leaving the ones we loved in memory only...and we walked back from the dark paths of death`s pain, together.

We gave each other hope when there was none...we dried each other`s sorrowful tears. So many times we leaned on each other for strength, allowing the wounds of our hearts to heal. And as destiny began to unravel, we soon saw a new love begin to emerge. Our lives had reason again. A new sun began to shine, taking away the dark clouds of the deep suffering we had so painfully endured. We began to see the world through the eyes of love, once again.

On our journey together I saw in you, a beautiful, generous and kind heart. A loving heart that reaches out to others with caring hands. You bring such beauty to my world. I cannot express how I am comforted by the mere thought of you. You have become precious to me beyond compare.

I never thought this would have happened to us. I never believed that someone could have lit the flame of my life again the way you have. You are in my thoughts endlessly, day and night. I hear your whispers in my dreams when I drift off to sleep. I am filled with warm thoughts of you when I first wake in the morning. Wherever I go, I feel your presence with me... like your name has been written in my heart.

My dearest __(Name)__, I believe in destiny and I believe we are destiny, for there could be no other way that we could have fallen so deeply in love. You have become such a bright light in my world and I want you to know that I love you from the very depths of my heart.

From my heart to yours,