Apply for Corporate Credit Card Authorization

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Corporate Credit Card Application

As the undersigned, I do hereby give my permission to __(Name of person/organization)__ to apply for a corporate credit card on my behalf. Below is my personal information which I authorize __(Name Organization)__ to utilize for the purpose of this credit application.

Full Name:


Date of Birth:

__(Social Security/Social Insurance)__ Number:

Once I have received the corporate credit card, I do hereby acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

  1. The credit card remains the property of __(Name of Organization)__ and must be surrendered to them immediately upon request.
  2. The card will be used for approved company expenses only. Personal expenses are not permitted to be charged on this card.
  3. The credit limit is set at a maximum __($amount)__
  4. __(Name of Organization)__ will receive the monthly credit card expenses directly.
  5. As the employee, I will immediately notify __(Name of Organization)__ if the credit card is lost or stolen.

Signed on this ____ day of ____________, _____ at ______________, _______________.

day month year city state

Employee: X__________________________


Witness: X__________________________, _____________

Officer of Company - signature title

__(Name of Organization)__