In honor of your Achievement(s)

Business Letter

Dear …

Please allow me to take this opportunity, on behalf of __(Names/Name of Organization/etc.)__, to congratulate you on your __(type of award/offer/scholarship/etc.)__. Not only does this highly recognize you for your exceptional __(athletic abilities/academic achievements)__, but also for the loyalty and commitment that you have diligently given to __(the sport of…/your studies in…/etc.)__. It’s an honor for us to have someone in our __(community/unit/organization/etc.)__ who has risen to these great heights.

Your outstanding achievements have made us all very proud. You truly are an exceptional individual who is exceedingly deserving of this __(award/medal/honor/offer/etc.)__, __(Name)__. It is a thrill for us to see you honored in this way and we are all looking forward to seeing you soar into __(the future/your new “type” career/etc.)__ with great success.

Whatever comes to pass in the future, the highs and the lows, always remember one thing; you always have the full support of this entire __(this community/organization/etc.)__ behind you. Again, on behalf of __(name of department/organization/etc.)__, we congratulate you and wish you the best of luck.

Yours very truly,