Achievements Recognized in Article – Congrats

Business Letter

Dear …

While browsing through the __(name of newspaper/periodical)__ __(today/recently)__, I came across an article that gave __(credit/recognition/etc.)__ to your __(type of achievement/award/etc.)__. Allow me to take this opportunity to personally congratulate you for __(this notable achievement/being awarded the…/etc.)__. I know that I also speak for others when I say that we are fortunate to have a forward-thinking __(individual like you/company like yours/etc.)__ as part of our community. Your dedication to __(briefly describe what their dedication is to according to the article)__ is admirable.

I noted in the article that it mentioned __(briefly describe what the article mentioned that pertains to the possibility of the service you can offer)__. When I read that, I knew that this was an area that __(I/my company/name of organization/etc.)__ could really help you with. I believe that __(I am/Company Name is)__ currently positioned to be of great assistance to you because of the __(number/volume of type of service/products)__ that __(I/we)__ currently have available.

In keeping with that, I would consider it a great privilege to be able to sit down with you to talk about your goals in the area of __(area that pertains to your services)__ and how __(I/my company/name of organization/etc.)__ can help you to achieve them. As a __(type of service/product)__ professional, I would greatly welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and will be in touch with you soon to arrange a meeting.

Again, I congratulate you on your __(type of achievement/award/etc.)__, __(Name)__.

Yours very truly,