Welcome new Board Member - Documents to be..

Business Letter

Dear …

Congratulations on your appointment to the Board of Directors of __(name of organization)__. We are pleased that you have accepted a position on our executive board and we feel fortunate to have you join us. Our __(organization/company)__ is looking forward to your valuable contributions.

In order to officially seal this appointment, __(Name)__, we do require that you complete the following documents:

  1. __(describe documentation – example: Directors Agreement – completion of this Agreement, signed and witnessed/dated – Copies #1 and 2 to be returned)__
  2. __(describe documentation – example: Consent to Act Form - completion of this Form, signed and dated)__
  3. __(describe documentation – example: Share Purchase Confirmation – signature confirming your purchase of shares as listed in our Constitution)__
  4. __(describe documentation)__
  5. __(describe documentation)__ Enclosed you will find all the above mentioned documentation. Please complete these documents as described and kindly return them to __(name & address)__. Your timely response to this will be greatly appreciated.

Again, we welcome you, __(name)__. We’re pleased that you have joined our executive board and look forward to the new milestones our organization will achieve through your contributions.