Request to Deregister from Corporation & Resign

Business Letter

Dear …

After giving it great consideration, I have decided to officially resign as __(an officer/a director/a board member) of __(Name of Corporation)__.

As founder of this company, this was indeed a decision that was very difficult for me. I had to, however, consider the fact that, once I had passed over the authority to you to run the company, __(you chose not to honor/none of you honored/etc.)__ my request to keep me informed about the business on a monthly basis. This made it very clear that you do not want any consultation from me. And that being the case, I now wish to remove myself from all liability associated with any future decisions you make for the company.

Therefore, please prepare all the necessary documentation to accomplish the following:

  1. Shares of the corporation currently in the name of __(My Name)__ to all be evenly distributed amongst the __(shareholders/board members/etc.)__ and reissued in their name.
  2. __(My Name)__ to be deregistered from the corporation in its entirely: as shareholder, officer and/or employee of the corporation.
  3. Cancellation of any and all sureties issued __(under/IN)__ the name of, __(My Name)__.

I look forward to receiving and signing off on all the above noted documents as soon as possible.

Now, I wish to take this opportunity to make it known that I give you my blessing to continue running this __(business/company)__. May you do it to the best of your _(ability/abilities)__ and have much success with it.