Love, through Sickness and in Health

Love Letter

My dearest ...

I never thought that loving someone this much could be so wonderful and yet hurt so much. To be so deeply in love, spending all our time floating on clouds one minute and then, in a quick twist of fate, to be forced to spend time alone, without you. This has been so incredibly difficult.

I love you so much and have really been trying hard to understand what you are going through right now, how you’re feeling. To be laden with __(type of illness)__, would undoubtedly, shake anybody’s world. In this, I can understand why you are pushing me away. It’s apparent that you need some time alone to work through all the feelings that you are going through. But, __(Name)__, please don’t shut me out completely.

You need to know that I too, am suffering great pain over this. You can’t love someone as much as I love you and not share the sorrow, the sadness and pain that something like this brings. It has been so hard spending time without you. I’ve never felt so lonely in my life. The separation from you torments me day and night. My love for you has not lessened over this, it has only grown deeper and stronger.

I want you to know, __(Name)__, that regardless of what the future holds, I want to be with you; I need to be with you. My world does not exist without you. As long as you are in this world, I want to stand by you. No matter what, I will love you and care for you and give you all the support you need.

I know it’s so unfair for you to have been knocked to the ground in this way, and I don’t want to come across as selfish, but I just need to know if you still love me. Coping on my own over the last __(length of time)__, has left me feeling unsure and insecure about us. Just say the word, and I’ll be at your side. I’m prepared to tread through all that lies before us, just as long as I can be with you. All I need is to know is that you still love me.

Please open the door to me and let me back in, __(Name)__. My love for you is unwavering, steadfast and pure. I am and will remain, completely and wholly devoted to you.

Loving you forever,