Announce Credit Terms Change

Business Letter

Dear …

Over the past __(length of time)__, __(Name of Company)__ has obliged its customers by offering credit terms of __(briefly describe old terms of credit – i.e. Payment: Net 14 days)__. In a recent review of our current business operations, however, __(senior management/our company/we/etc.)__ made the decision to adopt new changes to our current credit term policies. Please find outlined below the new __(payment terms/credit policies/etc.)__ offered by __(Name of Company)__, which __(are/will be)__ effective __(immediately/date)__:

  1. __(briefly describe new policy to credit terms)__.
  2. __(briefly describe second new policy to credit terms)__.
  3. __(briefly describe third new policy to credit terms)__.

Changes to __(payment/credit)__ terms are not often well-received though, regrettably, implementing new policies in this area of business are occasionally a necessity. We do thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter and look forward to your continued business.

Yours truly,