Thanks - Item Donated

Business Letter

Dear …

We want to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to __(you/name of company)__ for donating a __( type of item donated)__ to our __(name of event)__ fundraiser. Our goal was to raise __($amount)__ for the __(type of cause you were raising funds for)__. We are very happy to report that this fundraiser turned out to be a tremendous success as we __(reached our goal/exceeded our goal)__ by raising __($amount)__.

We are grateful for your contribution, __(Name)__. It’s only because of __(people/members of this business community)__ like you who, through your generous support, offer hope to the __(briefly describe the purpose of the funds received from this fundraiser)__. For more information on how your contributions help to make a difference, we invite you to visit the website at __(URL)__.

Thank you again, for your support. It was so greatly appreciated.