Potential Supplier - Request Brochure

Business Letter

Dear …

Recently I was made aware that you sell __(type of products/services/programs)__. These are products that I am currently interested purchasing.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is __(name)__, the __(president/owner/purchasing agent/etc.)__ of __(name of organization)__. __(My/Our)__ company __(briefly describe what your company does)__. We have been providing __(type products/services)__ to our customers for __(#)__ years now.

I am very interested in your __(type product)__ but there may be other products you sell that I would also be interested in. I would appreciate the opportunity to look over a brochure and a price list you might have of your product lines. Please forward a copy of your latest price list and a brochure to my office.

I thank you in advance for your response to this request.

Yours truly,