Taking me for granted - Distance growing

Love Letter

Dear …

Some days, like today, I find myself thinking back to when we first met. I remember back to the time when we first fell in love. We sure had a lot of happy moments together, didn’t we? Then I think about today, here and now and it just seems so long since we’ve shared any precious moments together. I miss that with us.

There seems to be distance growing between us, like we have stopped connecting. Other things have taken priority in our lives. I know you are so busy with your __(describe what has been keeping them busy – i.e. business)__ which is why I am trying to help out whenever I can. When I look at our relationship today, it feels like the importance I have come to play in your life has shifted from the one you love, to only the help I offer to you by __(i.e. running your errands, paying your bills and all the things I do for you)__.

I know down deep we still have the love in our hearts that brought us together, we just need to stop for a moment and realize that we need to kindle it. I need to feel that I am important in your life because of the love we share, not for the errands I run. I miss you, __(name)__. I miss you as my friend, as my shoulder to lean on, as my lover and as the one I want to share life with.

As I reach out to you today, I long to feel your hand reaching back. I want you, I need you and I love you with all my heart.

Loving you always,