Invite Company to Become New Distributor

Business Letter

Dear …

Recently, our organization made a decision to add new distributors to our sales force __(effective date/in the New Year/etc.)__. Upon review of a number of potential distributors that we looked at to align ourselves with, we were pleased with what we saw in your company. Your strong __(briefly describe good trait that attracted you to the distributor)__, has us believing that a strategic alliance __(Name of Company)__ as one of our distributors, would be mutually beneficial. Therefore, we would like to invite you to become a distributor for __(Name of Organization)__ effective __(date)__.

Enclosed, please find __(brochures/materials/etc.)__outlining the products we offer. Our organization has been serving the __(type of industry)__ industry for __(#)__ years and each of our __(type)__ products hold its own successful sales records. Not only do we offer superior __(type of products)__, but we also offer the kind of solid expertise and support that should be expected from a __(type of industry)__ provider.

Our goal is to consistently provide __(innovative/quality)__ __(products/service)__ at competitive __(rates/prices)__. We hope that you look favorably upon our offer of distributorship with our organization and look forward with anticipation, to developing a mutually rewarding business relationship with __(Name of Company)__. In keeping with that, I will be in contact with you in the next few days to discuss this in more detail.

Yours very truly,