Introduce Yourself in New Position

Business Letter

Dear …

It is my pleasure to announce to you that I have recently joined __(name of organization)___ as their new __(position name)__. Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is __(name)__, the newest member of __(organization name)__, and I bring with me, __(#)__ years experience in the __(type field)__ field. My diversified experience in this field has included __(briefly list a couple important facets that you are familiar with)__, which will prove to be very useful in the __(type)__ __(programs/services)__ that we offer.

__(Name of organization)__ is well known for its quality __(products/services/programs)__ and has built a solid reputation in the__(type field)__ field. Some of the outstanding __ (products/services/programs)__ offered by __(Name of organization)__ include: __(briefly list popular & successful products/services/programs)__. I consider myself fortunate to have been given the opportunity to join this fine organization and my commitment to you is to __(briefly describe what you intend to do for them – i.e. bring first rate service to your supply ordering/enrollment requirements/etc.)__.

With great enthusiasm, I am looking forward to the experience of delivering our best in __(service/programs)__ to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at __(phone #/email address)__ if I can be of any assistance. I am eager to work with you and an occasion to chat with you would be welcomed!