Teacher’s Recommendation of Young Child

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Recommendation - __(Name of Child)__ - For Student Enrollment

I take pleasure in recommending __(Name of Child)__, one of my former__(pre-school/kindergarten/first-grade/etc.)__ students, for enrollment in __(name of course/program/school/etc.)__. Having had the pleasure to teach this child for __(length of time)__, I believe that __(she/he)__ would more than meet all the requirements and expectations that you would have of a student in your fine school.

__(Name of Child)__ is a very bright and well-rounded child. __(He/She)__ is both a well mannered and conscientious little __(boy/girl)__, who generally exercises fairly good judgment in __(his/her)__ approach to things. For a child so young, __(he/she)__ has already traveled quite a bit and holds great deal of respect for other people and their cultures.

I also found that __(Name of Child)__ takes __(his/her)__ responsibilities seriously. Even when faced with challenges, __(she/he)__ manages to find the determination to overcome them. A good is example of that would be when __(she/he)__ __(briefly describe a situation relevant to his/her ability to overcome challenges)__. A little encouragement goes a long way with __(Child’s Name)__ as __(he/she)__ perseveres to see things to the end.

__(Child’s Name)__ is truly a delightful young __(boy/girl)__ who is quick and eager to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed having __(him/her)__ in my classroom and without hesitation, I highly recommend __(him/her)__ to your prestigious school. I believe that __(he/she)__ would ultimately prove to be one of your most outstanding students.