Loan Maturing - Offering Renewal

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Mortgage/Loan)__ - __(Reference #)__ We wish to inform you that your __(mortgage/loan/etc.)__ as mentioned above will be maturing shortly, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for having chosen __ (Name of Financial Institution) __ as your lender. We appreciate your business and the confidence that you’ve placed in us and hope to continue being of service to you.

As our valued customer, we are pleased to offer renewal of your __(mortgage/loan/etc.)__ at a reduced interest rate. Not only will this lower the overall cost of your __(mortgage/loan/etc.)__, it will allow you to lower your monthly payments. __(In addition, any application fees, credit report fees and/or appraisal fees will be waived when you renew with us.)__. Our commitment is and has always been about placing our customers first and we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your renewal terms with us.

__(Name of Financial Institution)__ values you as a customer, __(Name)__, and we look forward to becoming your lender of choice again. Please feel free to contact __(us/me directly)__ at __(phone #)__to discuss your __(mortgage/loan/etc.)__ renewal. __(We/I)__ look forward to hearing from you soon.