Response to Contract Cancellation Request

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: __(Type Contract)__ Contract Parties: __(Name of Party #1)__ and __(Name of Party #2)__

__(We are/I am)__ in receipt of your request to cancel the above mentioned contract, requesting refund of __(your deposit/your investment/etc.)__ in the amount of __($amount)__. In accordance with the terms and conditions of our __(type of contract)__ Contract, it clearly states in the __(name of section – i.e. Termination of Contract)__ section, under __(Paragraph #)__, that __(only % of refund is refundable in the event you cancel this contract for –reason–)__. __(I/We)__ refer you to the following section:

__(Enter section & paragraph #)__: “__(enter that section, exactly how it reads in the contract as it pertains to the situation at hand: i.e. refunds/written notice requirement/length of time notice required/etc.)__.” As a result of __(this condition/your failure to comply with.../etc.)__, __(I am/We are)__ hereby exercising __(my/our)__ right to __(briefly describe what you are doing: return only % portion of your deposit/enforce the terms of this contract for an additional –length of time–/etc.)__. Cancellation of this contract __(is effective immediately/date or cannot be requested until date/etc)__. __(Enclosed you will find _my/our_ check in the amount of $amount/Please refer to the terms of the said contract and contact _me/us_ if you have any questions/etc. )__.

__(I/We)__ trust that you will find all to be in order.

Yours truly,